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Why our patients love us….

  1. We understand the needs of the local community.

  2. We have a warm, compassionate and supportive staff.

  3. We have evidenced based physical therapy techniques for virtually all types of injuries.

  4. We work with the whole person and not just the injured body part

  5. We have convenient hours, location and parking.

“I’ve been getting better since I came here for physical therapy. ACE Physical Therapy has very good, very capable and competent staff. My experience here has motivated me to become a physical therapy assistant one day.”

Neuton M.

Brian C.

"The Entire staff at ACE has been very helpful throughout my rehab process. Their attention to detail was evident in the way they explained preventive measures and how they taught me how to properly take care of myself. I am extremely thankful for their guidance and expertise."



Gabriel C.


Ganeldy E.


Martha R.

Oscar M.


Jose M.

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